Innovative software platform
for facilities and
property managers

Build up to the finest experience in your buildings, deliver maximum value to your customers

Enhance your facility and property management for a great customer satisfaction

FM Center supports the forward-looking professionals in their mission to provide and maintain high-quality living and working environments
in the buildings they manage.

Workplace management

Provide automatic cost allocation and efficient maintenance, ensure transparency and great experience for the tenants in your buildings.

Residential management

Meet your residents' expectations for smart help desk, effective communication, clear financial reporting and tracking of paid and due bills.

Mixed-use complexes management

Follow the current market trends and provide a comprehensive service for maintenance and management of various types of spaces and areas.

One platform, many projects, multiple purposes

Developed to meet the challenges of the digital transformation in Real Estate business, FM Center is a software platform that streamlines processes, facilitates the information management and enhances communication with buildings' occupants.

Engage office workers

Empower buildings' inhabitants to submit issues, inquiries and questions through an intuitive Help Desk platform.

Effectively manage business relations, making sure that important contract events and deadlines are met.

Provide your customers with monthly pay dues report and details for their consumption and allocated costs. All created automatically.

Engage management

Generate complex and personalized reports in a matter of seconds - on incomes/expenses, on building efficiency, on SLA implementation, etc.

Provide various financial reports and make informed strategic business growth decisions.

Ensure the accuracy of calculations and data by minimizing the risk of error.

Engage residents

Guarantee transparency with easy access to information about paid and due bills, news, events, etc.

Provide satisfaction to your tenants with the help of new technologies, the possibility for online payments, traceability and accountability.

Add value by allowing your tenants to take advantage of additional services (food ordering, car rental, cleaning services, etc.).

Engage vendors

Use a centralized system with up-to-date information on customers, partners, vendors, subcontractors and more.

Extract all necessary data for filling in contracts, handover protocols and other documents in the matter of seconds.

Delegate tasks, track implementation status, store information about the time and resources spent on solving issues.

What is your benefit?

Have a detailed description of each property element, so that you easily make calculations for maintenance costs or property rental offerings.

Monitor the status of monthly payments and get instant access to the information needed to plan revenue from each tenant.

Keep track of all maintenance costs, equipment, consumables and automatically allocate them to cost centers and tenants' accounts.

Save time by generating management reports based on various criteria and pre-set templates that can be used repeatedly.

Provide an easy access for your customers to information about their due and paid bills, warnings for scheduled maintenance and a help desk platform.

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