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More than 685,000 professionals in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries from around the world rely on Vectorworks’ all-in-one software solutions to complete their projects.

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Vectorworks provides you with an intuitive way to access and use design data to achieve a better and more accurate design process. Additionally, the simplified data management automates the construction documentation phase.

Vectorworks’ Renderworks functionality, based on Cinema 4D Engine, allows you to create high quality renderings in the same work file. Project presentation is possible via virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) as well as animations.

The Marionette functionality in Vectorworks gives architects virtually unlimited opportunities to create, define, build and explore all forms and functions in the design process. With Marionette you can go beyond the traditional design capabilities that CAD/BIM systems offer.

Energos is a specialized calculating tool, allowing you to create an energy efficiency passport of the building. Energos will help you calculate the annual energy consumption per square meter, find the thermal bridges before the building is finished, determine what shadow will your building cast and plan the site’s optimal location.

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Аll-in-one solution

Vectorworks products are comprehensive solutions providing all necessary functionalities to complete a project from start to finish - 2D drawing, 3D modeling, BIM, libraries with various objects, documentation, renderings, 3D visualizations and much more.


Regardless whether you work on a Mac or a PC, Vectorworks is a cross-platform software giving you the freedom to choose according to your personal preferences. Vectorworks solutions allow for optimal use of the available hardware capacity.

Fast working

Vectorworks makes efficient use of your hardware’s capabilities, especially the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), making the program run much faster and smoother. Thus, you can optimize design processes without wasting any time.

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Vectorworks Fundamentals is the basic CAD software package offering exceptional 2D and 3D capabilities plus an intuitive modeling and construction documentation platform. The solution works the way designers think, enabling them the freedom of artistic expression through the development and documentation of each project. Seamless interoperability, flexible workflows and tools to help you capture and develop your ideas further support your creative process. In addition, you can easily create high-quality renderings in the same working file.


Vectorworks Architect is the industry’s only BIM modeling, drafting and documentation software built with the design process in mind. As the architect’s BIM tool, the software enables you to tackle complex ideas in 2D and 3D, refine construction details, explore your project’s energy efficiency and streamline costs. In addition, you can easily create high-quality renderings in the same working file. Vectorworks Architect allows designers to transform the world like never before!


Vectorworks Landmark software offers tools geared toward streamlining landscape-specific design and BIM workflows. Landmark’s intelligent tools, such as plants, hardscapes, terrain models, automated irrigation tools, powerful databases and flexible documentation features, will help you produce 2D drawings and 3D models to easily design, analyze, present and collaborate on projects. Thanks to the integrated GIS document management system, applying geodetic datum in the process of planning an architecture or natural environment is simplified.


Vectorworks Spotlight is the industry-leading software for entertainment design. In addition to 2D drafting and 3D modeling, realistic rendering and integrated database worksheets, Spotlight delivers advanced tools for the design and documentation of overhead stage rigging, lighting designs, easy objects to design events, enhanced stage creation abilities and more. No matter if used for lighting, set design, events, television, theater, cinema or exhibition design, Spotlight enables designers to reach a new level of creativity and efficiency.

Design Suite

If the projects you work on encompass elements of architecture, landscape and entertainment design, then Vectorworks Design Suite is the ultimate solution for you. Packing the power of the entire suite of Vectorworks’ products including Architect, Landmark and Spotlight into one robust program, Design Suite offers digital terrains, plants, lighting, rigging, BIM modeling and rendering tools to help users draft, model and present in a single interface.

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