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Why BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle where information is shared directly between systems in an exploitable data format. The main goal is to streamline workflows and information exchange between AEC and FM professionals during the design, construction and management phases.

BIM provides flexible processes for collaboration between architects, engineers, builders, facility managers, owners and investors, allowing them to exchange various data.

The end result is a fully virtual model of the building guaranteeing collaborative workflows, effective construction and sustainable exploitation.

Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions

based on data form a digital model

Control risk

Control risk

by enhancing agility and virtual simulations

Increase quality

Increase quality

with digital prototyping and efficient communication

BIM in your industry

By encompassing all 3 phases (design, construction, management), BIM is suited for a number of specialists within different business industries – architects, engineers, contractors, builders, facility and property managers, etc.

In this early stage of drafting the idea, it is important to work with tools which allow keeping all the data for the design consistent and prepare it for future use in the next stages. This is one of the reasons why BIM is becoming ever more popular around the world and even a mandatory element of the design process.

The digital (BIM) model allows you to:

  • Test your ideas before implementing them
  • Safekeep all project data
  • Decrease the number of design flaws

Find out more about one of the leading BIM software solutions in the architecture and design phase.

During the construction phase, BIM can reveal its full potential, assuring the continuity of the information workflow between the different stakeholders and preventing the risk of clash errors. The main benefit in this phase is the ability to communicate project data faster, easier and much more reliably.

The digital (BIM) model allows you to:

  • Improve communication during all construction phases
  • Lower the risk of errors to a minimum
  • Finish construction activities in time and in accordance to budget

Learn more about the software that allows you to digitize the workflows in the construction phase.

During the longest stage of a building’s life-cycle, it is especially important to have easy access to all the data about it. Thus, you will be able to create added value via more effective facility management, property management, finances management, preventive maintenance and improved communication.

The digital (BIM) model allows you to:

  • Improve buildings’ sustainability by optimizing maintenance
  • Collect, store, analyze and redirect data in a digital environment
  • Generate various reports and take information-based business decisions

Learn more about a fully-functional software platform which supports the all-round management and maintenance of a building.

The right solution for your industry

A key factor when implementing BIM processes is employing the right software solutions.
They should provide an easy way to share reliable data between different systems.


Vectorworks CAD software is a line of industry-specific 2D/3D and BIM solutions that allow designers to advance their ideas from concept through completion. More than 685,000 users around the world have turned their visions into reality with Vectorworks. It has professional design tools for architecture, landscape, lighting and entertainment industry.

Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Software makes smart, simple solutions for paperless workflows that leverage the PDF format. It all started way back in 1997 with CAD to PDF creation technology for aerospace engineers. Now their award-winning PDF creation, markup and editing solutions are trusted by more than 1,9 million users in architecture, engineering and construction firms, as well as government agencies.

FM Center

FM Center is a software platform, consisting of different solutions. It is designed to meet the needs of facility and property managers, as well as investors and owners. The platform covers a large variety of building management processes throughout its life-cycle, helps managers to get visibility, track finances, control maintenance activities and improve communication with tenants.

Myths about BIM

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